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id-strument suite

The id-strument suite by is 1GB set of 6 Kontakt based instruments made from some of the significant sound sources from the new Idmonster album Be More Like Water .
They come as a free download and are only available when you buy the album….or think of it as a free album when you buy a great set of samples.

No extra effects or sounds were used in the demo,  everything is from one instance only of each instrument.chaos engine

The id-strument suite consists of…

id-chaos machine – numerous one shots, hits, loops and textures from the album stems combined with the powerful chaos engine sequencer.
id-moog bass– a deep rich sub bass multi sampled from a Moog Voyager.
id-nord noise strings 1+2 – two variations of a stringy instrument multi samples from a Nord Modular G2 using bespoke patch made from chaotic noise and a lot of modulation.
id-sine guitar – a vst patch mangled and multi sampled through a Space Echo and posh hardware compressor.
id-pianet – Hohner Pianet T electric piano multi sampled through the Moog Voyager.

Get the CD delivered to your door + digital download of the id-monster suite + digital album for £10.00 inc postage.

(unfortunately a little bit more outside the UK, but there is a download only option)

Album +Sample set